Bring your vision to life.

We frequently collaborate with homeowners and designers to create custom tile installations that dramatically impact a space’s style.

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Our process

Partnering with interior designers, builders, and homeowners on projects allows us to combine our best-in-class tile and stone skills with their design skills. We have a flexible process that centers around understanding and planning for the unique aesthetic the team is seeking.

Project Planning

We’ll work with you and your design team to plan out the best combination of tile and finishing materials, colors, patterns and layouts.


Based on the design and the project’s unique requirements, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate of materials and services costs.

Materials & Prep

Our services include provision of base and finishing materials, while we work closely with designers, builders, and homeowners to ensure they procure the right tile for the job.


Big River tile experts will prep all surfaces, install all materials, and check in often with your design team to make sure the tile installation perfectly matches the design.